Helm-Pak® Press Control

Total Press Control and Automation Solutions from the Industry Leader

Helm-Pak® w/ MicroLogix 1500 and CompactLogix Press Control

Complies with ANSI B11.1 OSHA 1910.217. A TUV certified system is also available.

  • Various PLC Platforms
       - Allen-Bradley MicroLogix™
       - Allen-Bradley SLC™
       - Allen-Bradley Compact™
  • Redundant Clutch/Brake Control
  • Main Motor Control
  • Lube Control
  • Programmable Limit Switch
  • Brake Monitoring
  • Die Monitoring
  • Signature Analysis
  • Servo Feed Interface
  • Shut Height and Counter Balance Control
  • Ethernet Connectivity
SLC 500 Press Control
  • Powerful, flexible and very affordable
  • Featuring resolver Input
  • Interactive touchscreen for ease of set-up and operation
  • Press speeds up to 2000 SPM
  • Standards and custom enclosures
  • Expandable I/O configurations for integrating auxiliary machine control
  • Additional control options include:
       - Temperature
       - Vibration
       - Displacement
       - Velocity
  • System enhancements made easy with Ethernet or remote access modem kit
  • Network Helm-Pak® press control for plantwide data acquisition, downtime and production efficiency reporting

Integrate All of Your Press Control Automation

Helm-Pak® Press Control
  • Die Monitoring
  • PLS
  • Transfer Control
  • Servo Feed Interface
  • Conveyors Stackers/Destackers
  • In-Die Measurement
  • In-Die Welding
  • Gauging
  • Die Change Equipment
  • Die Clamping Systems

Only Helm Offers Specialty I/O Modules for Allen-Bradley SLC, MicroLogix 1500 and CompactLogix Platforms

HM1520 Two channel Peak load modules for MicroLogix and CompactLogix I/O

The Helm-Pak® press control combines advanced technology from two industry leaders, Helm and Allen-Bradley. The system configurations begin with standard off the shelf Allen-Bradley processors and I/O modules for basic functionality. Then, we add the automation with Helm specialty I/O modules for the SLC and Compact I/O platforms. These modules include:

  • Sine/Cosine resolver Module with built-in SPM and Brake Monitoring
  • Two Channel Strain Gage Input Modules for Tonnage Monitoring
  • Process Automation Module (PAM) for Die Monitoring and PLS

Helm-Pak® is an excellent and affordable choice for upgrading your existing press control. This advanced approach to machine control eliminates relays and outdated "black box" technology. With redundant processors, Helm-Pak® is designed to meet or exceed ANSI and OSHA requirements.

For advanced press control systems, Helm has a team of engineers to provide custom on-site or inhouse programming for any automated functionality that is required.

Multiple Operator Interfaces available, including Allen-Bradley Panelview™ and Helmsman™ PC

  • Helm-Pak® press control features recipe management
  • Store and retrieve all operating parameters for each die set-up
  • Counters enable part and batch control
  • Multiple timers assist in maintenance scheduling
  • On-screen faults and prompts simplify machine operation

The Helmsman PC display offers enhanced flexibility and system monitoring status through the power of the Pentium processor. Downtime tracking and production efficiencies are achieved with Microsoft Access and Excel. The Helmsman display comes standard with a 10/100 Ethernet port for plantwide networking capabilities. Additional ports offer serial communication to other auxiliary devices such as feeders, gauging systems, and bar graph readers/writers etc.

  • Helm-Pak® Press Control’s Main Menu
  • Recipe Management Screen of a Helm-Pak® Control
  • Counter Screen of a Helm-Pak® Control