Strain Gage Module w/ Profibus Communication


Thru-Stroke Load Monitoring

Picture of Strain Gage Module w/ Profibus

Profibus Stain Gage Operation Diagram

Specifications ↑Top↑
Input impedance 1K
Display resolution up to .1% full scale
Overall accuracy 1% full scale
Number of channels 2 isolated
A/D 12 bit
Normal mode rejection 50db@2000 gain
Amp roll-off frequency 650Hz@3000 gain
Calibration software selectable
Indicators alpha numeric display
Operating temperature 0°-60° C
Machine position SSI encoder
Module response time 100µsec
Alarm output 24vdc @ .25 amp
LAN controller Siemens SPC3
Data Rate All PROFIBUS data rates up to 12Mbps


Dimensions of Profibus Strain Gage Module


Ordering Information ↑Top↑
Application Model
Peak Monitoring HM-2-SSI-PLM
Through Stroke HM-2-SSI-TSM
Thru-the-Stroke SignaturePress Curve

When used with an encoder, the HM-2-SSI provides through stroke monitoring for stamping operations. High and low tracking alarms for each degree of crank angle provide optimum process control. The press curve as established by the press builder is digitized to become alarm set points in the HM-2-SSI module.