Compass PLM-4 Portable Calibration Instrument

Compass PLM-4-BT Portable Calibration Instrument

The Helm Compass PLM-4-BT is a four channel calibration unit that includes Bluetooth technology for displaying tonnage values and waveforms on a PC (software included). The battery operated PLM-4-BT seamlessly interfaces with Helm calibration load cells and features a built in re-charging circuit.


Compass PLM-4 Features ↑Top↑

Picture of the Compass PLM-4 Front Dimensions

  • Accepts up to four channel strain gage inputs 350 or 750ohm full bridge
  • Displays Peak (dynamic) or Track (static) force values
  • Display load signatures for machine diagnostics
  • Weighs less than 5lbs
  • Rechargable Lithium-ion battery
  • Scanning distance up to 5 feet