Safety Light Curtains


HRPX And HRPZ Safety Lights

Safety Lights Two Component Design Eliminates Box Control

safety lights
HRPX and HRPZ-4 safety lights feature a two component system that does not require a separate control box. State of the art circuitry allows the transmitter and receiver to be wired directly into the safety relay inside your control cabinet or PLC. An internal diagnostic circuit continuously monitors the operation of the lights for maintaining their UL and CE safety certification. These lights also carry a category 4 safety rating – the highest level attainable by the international safety council. Standard protection heights range from 12 to 50 inches with beam spacing of 9 or 15mm.

Safety Light Features

Safety Light Applications

Additional lengths available. Please contact factory.
Each set of lights includes one transmitter, one receiver and two 23 foot inter-connect cables.
Double ended cables for series connection available. Consult for pricing.

OPTIONS: SC11 Blanking Module, HMK-24 Power Supply, HM-301-DC-24 Safety Relay

Safety Light Specification↑Top↑
Supply Voltage 24 VDC +/- 10%
Light Source Infrared LED (870 nm wavelength)
Response time 10-15 msec
Beam spacing 9 or 15mm
Scan distance up to 33 feet
Certified compliance OSHA, ANSI, 1EC61496-1, ENC61496-1 and UL508

Fixed and floating blanking is available with RPX-CCD control box.