Force Transducers & Load Cells


Helm sensors are available in a wide range of sizes for measuring dynamic force on stamping, die cast, forging, injection and assembly machines. Manufactured under controlled laboratory conditions, all sensors utilize a full wheatstone bridge design to assure long term stability and accuracy.

Helm T-2640 Tie Bar Sensor The model T-2640 tie bar force transducer, patented by and proprietary to Helm Instrument Co., Inc. is designed for installation within a drilled hole on the tie bar center line. Tie bar deflections as small as one-millionth of an inch (.000001″) can be measured with linearity and repeatability within one-half of one percent (.05%).
Helm HT-400 Strain Gage HT-400 Strain Gain® – the industry standard force sensor since 1968.
Helm Load Cells Load cell capacities range from 100 pounds to 10,000 tons. Standard and custom designs are available.


In-Die Force Sensing

Helm in-die monitoring systems assure high quality parts production by identifying a defective part at its origin. The Die Plug™ sensor continuously monitors the subtle changes in forming force that affect part quality. Applications include progressive dies, transfer tooling and multi-station forming operations.

SG-312 strain gage Die Plug™ for direct force readouts in pounds or tons.
TPL-312 – the high output, die implant sensor that’s easy to install.