TMG-1200 Cold Heading Monitor


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TMG-1200 Cold Heading Monitor
One compact monitor for all machine types – from single blow headers to multi-station formers.


Frame mounted proximity sensors used by the Cold Hdeading monitor
Frame mounted proximity sensorsused by the cold heading monitor detect variations in ram position at front dead center. Machine stop is initiated if off-tolerance condition occurs.

Installation Kit for the Cold Heading monitor is included

DM-315 Installation Kit for the cold heading monitor include two proximity sensors, adjustable mounting bracket, junction box and oil tight fittings.

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Applications for the Cold Heading Monitor


Specifications ↑Top↑
Power Requirements: 100-240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz
Power Consumption: < 15 watts
Output Contacts: 2 NO-NC relays for machine and counter control
Output Contact Capacity: 250 VAC @ 5 amps
Counter Timer Relay: Adjustable from .5 to 25 seconds in .1 second intervals
Response Time: < 10 ms
Sensor Type: Proximity 200 kHz
Detection Range: 1mm – 3mm
Repeatability: .00004 inches (1/1000mm)
Alarm Adjustments: Adaptive learn 0-500 Microns; Trend display 0-99 Microns
Parts Counters: Preset (to 8 digits) Actual (to 8 digits) Batch (to 3 digits)
Operating Speed: Up to 1200 RPM
Operating Temperature: 0° to 50° Celsius
Display: LCD with backlight (128 x 48 pixels)


Ordering Information ↑Top↑

Each TMG-1200 Cold Heading Displacement Monitor is supplied with mounting bracket, DM-315 Installation Kit and instruction manual. The system is available for delivery from stock.