Developed in collaboration with leading fastener manufacturers, the TRG series Threadgard is designed to deliver the functionality of a modern process monitor to virtually any  new or used thread rolling machine. The TRG Threadgard takes advantage of industry standard features such as, job recipe storage, history tracking, and intelligent diverter control allowing users to view, store, and recall signatures on a touch screen display.

Sophisticated Tonnage Alarm Limits With On-Screen Signature Analysis

KTM Signature








Other Key Features:

  • Color touch screen display
  • Piezo and strain gauge compatible
  • Alarming History
  • Peak history
  • Job storage
  • Tracking alarms
  • Up to 4 channels of sensor input
  • 2 independent part counters
  • Automatic Zero Balance (Auto-Zero)
  • Built-in Ethernet connectivity


Power Requirements 100-240 VAC @0.125 Amp
Input contacts
2 Solid state: 10-30 VDC
Output contacts 2 Relay: 10-30 VDC or 100~240AC
Cam/Prox/PLC input 24 VDC
Response time Up to 10,000 samples per channel
Operating speed 6-700 Strokes Per Minute
Resolution 16 Bit
Sensor type Strain gauge 175-700 Ohm. Piezo option
Display type
7″ touch screen LCD
KTM Loadgard Dimensions