Weighing load cells

Load Cells For Weighing

Helm offers a wide variety of  Flintec load cells specifically designed for static weighing applications. Each load cell offers a wide range of capacities and is specifically tested to meet international metrology standards.

In addition to most industry standard load cells, all Flintec load cell are compatible with Helm PLC input modules and Helm load cell summing devices.


Beam Load Cellssb4 data sheet Applications:

  • Floor Scales
  • Tank And Silo Weighing
  • Filling



Pdf Icon beam spec sheets

Additional accessories:

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Compression Load Cells

rc3 data sheet


  • Tank/silo
  • weighbridges
  • railway weighing scales

Pdf Icon compression Spec Sheet

Additional Accesories:

Pdf Icon compression Accessories

Tension Load Cells

ulb data sheet


  • Tank/Silo
  • Patient hoists
  • Test and measurement equipment

Pdf Icon tension spec sheet

Additional Accesories:

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Single Point Load Cells

pc6 data sheet


  • Bench/floor scales
  • Checkweighing
  • Bagging
  • Multi-head weighing machines
  • Hopper/tank weighing

Pdf Icon single point spec sheet



Additional Accessories:

Pdf Icon single point Accesories

Planar Beam Load Cells

PB Planar Beam


  • Medical scales
  • Postal and
  • Floor scales
  • Bench scales
  • Retail scales

Pdf Iconplanar beam spec sheet

Additional Accessories:

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