Die Protection System


Micron is the most advanced die protection system available to the stamping industry

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Micron is the most advanced die protection system available to the stamping industry. With precise accuracy to .00004 inches (1/1000mm), Micron die protection monitors separation gaps between the upper and lower dies. By monitoring these subtle deviations in stripper position or die height, Micron detects misfeeds, pulled slugs, double hits or other abnormal conditions that cost you time and money. The Micron system can be applied to any forming operation with speeds up to 2500 machine cycles per minute. No external timing sensors or machine calibration is required.


Easy to use, limits are set automatically

The Micron die protection system features a unique adaptive learn and control circuit for establishing the proper displacement alarm setpoints. Once the machine is at production speed, the upper and lower limits are automatically adjusted based on your forming process. These limits are set as close as possible without causing nuisance, no alarm shutdowns. Built-in control relays activate machine stop circuits if an off-tolerance condition occurs. Up to seven additional channels can be added to each base unit for a total of eight channels of monitoring

Die Protection Sensor and Target
HMIC-R Sensor and Target



Power Requirements 115VAC±10%
Power Consumption 30 watts
Output contacts 1 NO-NC, 250vac 5A rating
Response time less than 10Msec.
Operating speed Up to 2500 SPM
Repeatability To .00004 inches
Operating temperature -10°C to 50°C
Alarm adjustment ±99 Microns
Sensor type Proximity 200 KHZ
Maximum sensing distance .1 inch (2.5mm)
Enclosure size Base 8.25″ x 9.50″d x 3.25″h
Stack 8.25″ x 9.50″d x 4.75″h

Ordering Information

Model Description
HMIC-B Base unit with one channel of monitoring sensor, power supply and machine stop relay
HMIC-K Stack for additional channel of monitoring. Maximum of seven stacks per one base unit. Each stack supplied with sensor and ribbon connect cable.
HMIC-R Proximity sensor supplied with pigtail cable, connector, target assembly and mounting brackets.