Injection Molding and Die-Cast


Plastic Injection Molding and Die-Cast Machines operate similarly as most machines have 4 structural Tie Bars to support the Die Clamp Load. Helm Clamp-On Strain Ring or Helm Tie Bar Sensors may be utilized to Monitor Machines for the following:

  • Protect Machine
  • Protect Tooling
  • Make Higher Quality Parts
  • Equalize Load On all 4 Tie Bars
  • Prevent Tie Bar Breakage
  • Prevent Flashing

The systems feature trend sampling routines, to arrive at an average learned force benchmark for each channel. There are adjustable high & low tolerance alarms for each channel, established as a percentage of allowable deviation from the sampled values.

Helm has three monitoring options available. Specialty input modules for Allen-Bradley PLC’s provide the strain gage input for the load cell transducer.  The Helm PTM and RLG systems offer solidly engineered stand-alone systems; the PTM a more sophisticated monitor with Windows Embedded OS and a touch screen display.

Force Monitor Options

RLG LoadGard RLG-4 with Key
A/B PLC Modules 5-units-7in-1557
PTM Loadgard PTM Series withOUT Key 2676

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