Plastic thermoformers work similarly to metal stamping applications and form parts out of thin heated pieces of sheet plastic instead of metal. Whether a thermoformer is sheet fed or roll fed, by applying Helm Force Transducers to critical areas of the machine the process may be monitored for:

  • Machine Protection
  • Tool Protection
  • Detect Misfeed and Doubles
  • Ensure Product Quality

Helm Thermoforming Force Monitoring Options

RLG Loadgard RLG-4 with Key
PTM Loadgard Signature Monitor PTM Series withOUT Key 2676
A/B PLC Input Modules 5-units-7in-1557
PTM series universal Input Modules SCM-EU4 1466

Helm force monitoring may be applied to Form and Trim Machines, Solid Frame Machines, and 4- Column Machines.

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