Universal Strain Gage Module


Universal Strain Gage Modules

PTM-1 Strain Gage ModulePTM-4 1464crop

The Helm PTM module is a universal strain gage input module available in 1-4 channels and designed for PLC applications. Small, economical and versatile the Universal PTM provides both track and peak outputs, making it ideal for signature analysis using Helm Mariner AD software.

The PTM module can be used with industry standard strain gage load cells and transducers having full bridge inputs from 175-700 ohm.

PTM-1 Strain Gage Module

  • Supply Voltage: 24 vdc
  • Sensor Input: 175-700 ohm
  • Output Range: 0-10 vdv
  • Timing Input: 24 vdc Dry Contact
  • Installation Type: DIN Rail

PTM-1 Connection Diagram of the Strain Gage Module