Strain Gage Input Modules


For the Allen-Bradley SLC-500 (1746), ControlLogix (1756), MicroLogix/CompactLogix (1769), Point I/O (1734), and Micro850 (2085) PLC


The Helm SGI modules are specifically designed to fit dynamic force measurement applications. Two separate channels of signal conditioning on each module eliminates the cost of adding amplifiers or analog input modules. Parameters can be set from processor memory locations for setting upper and lower control limits. The modules accept a variety of Helm strain gage force sensors and load cells.

Applications & Features ↑Top↑
Applications Standard Features Specifications
Metal Stamping Data Acquisition 12 bit resolution
Pharmaceutical Direct connection to Allen-Bradley Clutch Brake System Strain gage input 350 or 700 ohm
Assembly Machines Position data feedback from Helm resolver modules Built-in gage excitation
Riveting Signature Analysis Single slot, two channel input
Die Cast Internal diagnostics


Process variables transferred to the data table include:
out of tolerance condition | sample and target values | time based machine cycles | tolerance and control limit settings | part and batch counts
Type of Input Strain Gage (350 ohm, 700 ohm)
Input Impedance 1K
Display Resolution Up to 0.1% of full scale
Overall Module Accuracy 1% of full scale
Module Update Time HM-604 140 micro seconds
HM-1520 200 micro seconds
Backplane current HM-604 220MA@5VDC, 173MA@24VDC
HM-1520 150MA@5VDC, 65MA@24VDC
Operating Temperature 0°-60°C (32°-140°F)


Die Cast/Injection Molding In-Die/Station Monitoring Stamping/Metalforming Force Transducers and Load Cells
Model T-2640
Die Cast/Injection Molding
Model SG-573
In-Die/Station Monitoring
Model HT-400
Contact Helm for a complete catalog on force transducers and load cells.
Ordering Information↑Top↑
Application 1746 1769 1756
Standard Peak Monitoring HM-604-PLM HM-1520-PLM HM-1756-PLM
Thru-the-Stroke Monitoring with Resolver Interface HM-604-TSM N/A HM-1756-TSM
Die Cast Machines HM-604-DC HM-1520-DC HM-1756-DC
Weighing Applications