Signal Conditioning Module


Signal Conditioning Module

Featuring High Speed Analog to Digital Sampling Rates

The Helm SCM-EU is a combination high speed strain gage signal conditioner and sine-cosine resolver input module. This universal module is best suited for applications where the monitoring of forces developed throughout the machine cycle is required. With high speed analog to digital sampling rate and resolver resolution of 0.1 degree, the SCM-EU provides high level signature analysis functionality. Available in one, two or four channels, the SCM-EU module is compatible with most PLC’s and operator interface displays.

  • Metal Stamping
  • Plastic Molding
  • Die Cast
  • Assembly
  • Forging

SCMEU Signal Conditioning Module

Features ↑Top↑

All necessary force measurement functions including signal conditioning, a regulated power supply and Helm’s patented AUTO-ZERO™ no drift balance circuits are included in the SCM-EU module. The module meets worldwide low voltage network standards for installation and performance.

Signal Conditioning Module featuring high speed analog to digital sampling rates

  • One, two or four channels
  • Sine-cosine resolver input
  • Multiple Applications
  • Small compact size
  • Signature Analysis
Specifications ↑Top↑
Power Requirements 24 volts DC @ 660mA
Analog Digital Sampling Rate 200 microseconds
Speed Range 0 to 600 SPM
Communication Port 422
Sensor Input 175 ohm, 350 ohm or 700 ohm strain gage
Resolver Input Sine-cosine 12 bit, 0.1 degree resolution
Timing Input 24 volts DC for cam switch, proximity probe or PLC interface
Discrete Outputs Two independent outputs 10-30 volts DC each
Recorder Output Track signal from 0 to 4 volts
Helm HR-1101 Sine-cosine resolver interfaces with the SCM-EU module for thru the stroke monitoring.

Helm HR-1101 Sine-cosine resolver interfaces with the SCM-EU module for thru the stroke monitoring. Press curve and delta track alarming techniques are also available.

Helm manufactures a complete line of standard and custom load cells. Our transducer engineers are available to discuss your specific force measurement applications.

Ordering Information ↑Top↑

Each module supplied with card cage assembly for backplate mounting. Includes screw terminals with user connections.

  • SCM-EU1 – One channel
  • SCM-EU2 – Two channel
  • SCM-EU4 – Four channel