Universal Ethernet IP Weigh Module

HM-SCM4-WM Universal EtherNet/IP Weigh Module



The Helm HM-SCM4-WM features four independent channels of analog input designed for users requiring load cell or weigh scale input. Connectivity is via dual EtherNet/IP ports.

The HM-SCM4-WM allows seamless integration to any PLC process weigh solution.  An on board microprocessor provides an RPI data transfer of 1 millisecond for all channels. Resolution is up to .0025% of full scale with accuracy at .01%. Calibration, vibration filtering, auto tare and process parameters are software selectable. The module is compatible with industry standard weigh scales and load cells, including the Helm product line of standard and custom designed load cells.

  • Up to four independent channels of load cell input
  • 1 millisecond update time
  • .0025% resolution
  • .01% accuracy
  • Compatible with industry standard (350, 700, 1100 Ohm load cells)
  • Standard DIN Mounting for Multi PLC Platform compatibility


HM-SCM4-WM Specifications ↑Top↑


Input impedance 1K
Display resolution Up to .01% full scale
Overall accuracy 1% full scale
Number of channels 4 isolated
A/D conversion method
18 bit
Normal mode rejection 116DB CMRR
Calibration Software selectable
Indicators 2 Ethernet link LED
Amplifier Bandwidth 200 kHz